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Many of you have not had access to the Morningstar Sector and Industry Group Charts. Now you do courtesy: .  If you then wish to drill down to individual component stocks go to: Component Stocks (Key in the Sector of Group number) and get detailed information on the individual issues. Any questions send an email and I’ll be happy to go into more detail.


Changes & Trends: Includes price changes today, over last 5&21 days and year-to-date. Also: ST, IT & LT Trends, 52 week Hi & Low, Beta, Alpha, Rsquared, Accumulation/Distribution, and Overbought/Oversold readings. Click on Tkr to drill down to Industry Groups and then stocks within.

Relative Strength: Includes price change today, ST, IT, LT trends, Relative Strength Ranks over 6 months both against a base index (Dow Jones Total Stock Market) and the methodology described by Charles Kirkpatrick II, CMT. Also there appears the same rank two and four weeks ago to aid you in determining relative movement. Relative Strength Blinkers come from member designed trading system: The blinkers appear for today as well as 3,21,34, and 55 days ago.

COMPOSITE DATA: Includes change % Today, over last 5&21 days and year-to-date, Trends- ST, IT, LT, Number of stocks contained in Sector or Industry Group, Number of new 52 week highs and lows today, Number of stocks in up-trends (ST), Direction of the $Weighted advancing minus declining volume, and the position (Long or Cash) from our buying power indicator.

Composite Charts

Sectors and Selected Indexes containing Volume, McClellan Oscillator (Ratio Adjusted), Volume Oscillator, and Summation Index. A/D line by sector/index, $Weighted Advancing minus Declining Volume by Sector/Index, and more.

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