Exchange Traded Funds

There is no right or wrong approach, only the approach that makes sense to you considering your trading style, time frame of reference, trading psyche, and of course your financial wherewithal. If your interests lie in this area click on the picture to download an 18 page .pdf file explaining this section in detail.


The PrudentTrader proudly offers the following data and methods for trading / investing / researching  ETFs. For more information and Examples of “How To” click on the picture.  A .pdf file will download for your perusal. No sign-in is required!


  • SPDR Composite Charts – These charts contain Dollar Weighted A/D Volume, Buying Power, A/D line, 6 month Relative Strength, and Hurst Cycles projections. This will be FREE to everyone the week of 12/5->12/12/14. Then it will revert to the member area!
  • SPDR McClellan Oscillator and Summation Charts
  • ETF Trading Systems – Includes two monthly systems: Victor Sperandeo’s Trend Indicator and a modified Mebane Faber moving average. Requires a once a month look, a modified Donchian Channel breakout system utilizing daily data.
  • ETF Market Laboratory – A Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet available for download to your computer. Trends and condition of ETFs by asset class. Updated weekly on Monday.
  • Cycles plus Momentum – A program that looks for cycles that can be plotted into the future utilizing a sine wave. I apply a momentum formula and correlation to determine if the cycle is real.
  • Rotational Trading of Fidelity Select funds.
  • Detailed Exchange Traded Fund analysis. – includes extensive reports including Changes, Trends, and Morningstar Classifications of 1,050 ETFs and Relative Strength analysis as well:

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