Sector & Industry Group Analysis

A Top -> Down Approach to Stock Selection:


Beginning the June10th these reports will move to spreadsheet format. You can access the Changes & Trends, and Relative Strength, Download a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet or opt for a web page display of the data in your browser.

The Downloadable Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet have replaced our old format. If you do not have Microsoft Excel other free spreadsheets, such as Open Office, will probably open the Excel sheet.

Google Spreadsheet: Sectors & Industries 

Sector and Industry Group ETFs

The Sector and Industry Group ETF analysis will eventually replace the Morningstar data above. Reason is simply that Worden the data supplier, has this data in a new version that will not allow export. Therefore a switch to ETFs is under way allowing the calculation of the composite charts you have become accustomed to. The data above will be available as long as my data supplier supplies that data.

Google Spreadsheet:  Excel Sector and Industry ETFs

Both the Excel sheet and the web page have the following columns. Click the picture to enlarge to full size.

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 10.04.54 AM

Composite Data:

On Charts only – see below

Visual approach Use Charts Instead:

New system for drilling down from Sector to Industry Groups to Indidual Stocks.  See Sector Charts Link below:

Prefer charts to raw data? Drill down to stocks in the same manner as above except utilize Charts instead of or in addition to the raw data above.

S&P Spider Sector/Industry Composite Charts  HERE!  Updated nightly!

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