11.7.16 Market Overviews

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 Market Commentaries:

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Morningstar Legacy Sectors:


Market Overviews

For the benefit of newer members, I am in the process of building a new home and we are currently in a rental about an hour and a half drive away. The schedule has us closing and moving mid to late December I will therefore be quite busy out side the market place.  In order to satisfy member needs I have created a new Google spreadsheets and live charts.

The links will be in the nightly email and not on site. Let’s take a look, first the data produced: Data from Friday 11.4.16


These are our asset classes; changes today, a rolling week (5 days) a rolling month (21 trading days) and year to date. Along side the data are links to good daily market commentary, written much better than I am able. Underneath what you see will be the SPDRs and the Morningstar Legacy sectors:



If you look at both the Asset Classes and the SPDRs there are links to Charts. The Asset Class charts appear on one page and may take a few minutes to load depending upon you computers speed and your internet connections Speed.


These charts will update during the day. The SPDR Charts are the SPDR Composite charts that are there every evening.

Hope you enjoy this new method which can make life even easier on all of us.