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May 7, 2023
The best laid plans
I am thankful to those I was able to help and the lifetime friends I have made.  You will still be able to reach me via email, I will respond, albeit not as quickly as you’ve become accustomed 


Our sail to europe has been put off as I had to have emergency surgery, wound up in the hospital fpr 3 weels and now weeks ahead in rehab.  Once rehab is completed it will be back to retirement.  The site and name prudenttrader.com will become available to anyone soon.

Back Tests / Optimizations

Back Tests & Optimizations – The following are parts of  bi-weekly strategy updates. The location of which appears in the table of contents on Page 2.

If upon review, ideas are generated, let me know, perhaps we can back test those ideas for everyone 

  • Back Test & Optimization of the Donchian Channel HERE!
  • Back Testing Relative Strength Ranking: HERE!
  • Back Testing Dollar Weighted A/D volume: HERE
  • Back Testing PT Accumulation algorithm HERE!
  • Optimizing Moving Averages HERE!
  • Back Test Relative Strength crossing Moving Average HERE
  • Combining Indicators, a Back Test. HERE!
  • Chandelier Back Test HERE!