It’s All About Your Plan

Way back in the 1970′s and 1980′s I acted in several capacities, essentially however, as a stock and commodities broker. In addition I spent 5+ years as a CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor) managing other peoples money on a discretionary basis as well as in a limited partnership arrangement. Not a lot different from how you are acting now.

I am well aware, having been through it myself, that conflicts arise within you as an individual. Should I spend my time cold calling, gathering assets, playing golf (prospecting at the club), volunteering to meet people, etc. etc.? Or should I spend my time studying the markets, individual stocks, bonds, and commodities, then managing my clients money for them?

In the long run, you will do better putting your clients interests before your own. Having a plan to manage the monies involved and following that plan. You’ll do better spending your time gathering assets and managing the money with that sound plan.

Successful investing is hard, but it doesn’t require genius. In fact, Warren Buffett once quipped,

Success in investing doesn’t correlate with I.Q. once you’re above the level of 25. Once you have ordinary intelligence, what you need is the temperament to control the urges that get other people into trouble in investing.”

As much as anything else, successful investing requires something perhaps even more rare: the ability to identify and overcome one’s own psychological weaknesses. – Source: Morningstar.

Goal: Build your business large enough so as to reduce cold prospecting (which everyone seems to hate) to a minimum. Manage client funds properly and receive referrals as a result. You do not need to outperform everyone else, that’s the trap we all fall into. You need to manage the funds well enough to satisfy you clients needs.

It’s all about having a plan! No day trading, no need to be tied to a quote machine. just check once a week to see if action is required.

See if the study below will help you establish and accomplish that goal. Is this a plan you can utilize?

Then share with your clients and prospective clients?  Then after reading, come back here, subscribe, and receive the data and summary necessary for managing the monies. The data will be supplied in an email with a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet attached.

The service includes a monthly E-mail including a brief commentary and the Primary and Secondary timing for each asset class. In between updates sent as deemed necessary. In addition for each asset class the appropriate ETF’s will be ranked for you from top to bottom.

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