Testing A/D Volume

Couple of weeks ago I back tested my buying power selling pressure calculation. The results of those tests are here! This week I would like to perform a few cursory back […]

Some Cursory Back Tests

My last two articles “In Search of Nirvana” and “Casual Observations“, I began outlining a potential methodology for trading sectors utilizing the S&P SPDRs. The initial thought was to use one […]

Casual Observations

Last weeks post  “In Search of Nirvana” brought some interest. Allow me to interject, there is no method and/or system that this series is leading up to. None, zero, zilch. […]

In Search of Nirvana

Many investors and traders have in essence given up, feeling they cannot compete with the big Wall Street Houses, employing PhD’s in Physics and Mathematics to model the markets over […]

100 Years

In the last 100 years, my methodology has counted 18 bull markets. The calls were correct 56% of the time, meaning we have a positive expectation from this method. Keep […]