Individual Stock Selection

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As in the ETF section above, there are numerous ways to research, attack, and trade Individual

Stocks, although many cross over to ETFs as well. There is no right or wrong approach, only the approach that makes sense to you considering your trading style, time frame of reference, trading psyche, and of course your financial wherewithal.

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The PrudentTrader proudly offers the following avenues for trading individual stocks as opposed to Exchange traded funds. Explore them today. Wish more information or a look? Send and email.

  • Option writing for Income
  • Stock Watch List – Based upon the work of Charles Kirkpatrick CMT. Watch list selection methodology and watch list spreadsheet with several market indicators and system approaches, as well as Market Timing.

Stock Selection Methodology

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Watch List / Market Timing Spreadsheet

  • Stock Screens Includes screens based on the systems of Linda Rashke’s Holy Grail, Stan Weinstein, Dave Landry, Toby Crabel, Rashke Turtle Soup and many more screens Access Screens:

Screens cover our optionable database which also covers many ETFs. Therefore the ETFs and stock screens are commingled so to speak.

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