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Prudent Trader.com is owned and operated by Bill Zimmer who resides in the State of Florida, with his lovely wife.  Three Children, two are grown and on their own, one (a daughter) is deceased.

Bill is a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University (1967), with a B.S. in engineering. Upon graduation he joined the Eastman Kodak Company, and was employed with them in various capacities, for about five years.

Following interests in the stock and commodities markets, In 1972, Bill became a registered representative (stockbroker) with Shearson Hammill Company, Hartford, Connecticut.  Bill remained employed in the brokerage industry, serving with Shearson Hammill, Bache and Co., Dean Witter and Drexel Burnham, in various capacities, including Vice President of Investments until 1984.

After his stint in the brokerage industry, Bill became a registered trading advisor and the Managing General Partner of “The Classic Futures Fund”, a trading limited partnership. Bill is particular proud of the fact that during his tenure as Managing General Partner the average annual return to investors exceeded 40% per annum without a losing year. You should not construe that accomplishment as anything but that, an accomplishment, of which I am particularly proud. As I am sure most are aware, past performance is not indicative of future results. Bill managed and traded the funds until 1989 when he decided to leave in order to pursue other interests. Bill is no longer a registered advisor and has no intention of reinstating that license nor is there a desire to manage other peoples money at this time.

The Prudent Trader site is a result of the bear market that began in early 2000. With the prodding of some friends, Bill is attempting to pass on the knowledge and principles he has utilized in the past to help others achieve their investment goals. If this site can make just one person a better trader by avoiding some of the pitfalls Bill has personally witnessed, then this site will be considered a success.

The purpose of the Prudent Trader site is to guide and inform. Bill does not give trading or investment advice. I hope to guide, present opinions, give quality research on methods or systems (choose your term) and increase your confidence. Only you and perhaps your financial advisor can determine your psychological and financial suitability for any ideas presented on this site.

Understand it is only when you learn to think for yourself, have the necessary confidence, that you can enjoy long lasting success in the marketplace. I hope I can help

Trading is NOT about being right or wrong!
Trading IS about managing money and risk!

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