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Hi Bill, So,…the other day, I browsed through a screen I had saved dated Feb 23 12.  The list consist of tickers taken from high relative strength stocks from your site.  Long story short, this watch list is up 65.57%.  Just thought it interesting to share with ya!
“Power to relative strength”!! 🙂


Bill, Thanks for your help this year.  I’m up 13% since Oct. 21 mostly
because the market was up and I made some changes in strategy thanks to
your article on “Risk Aversion: The Trader’s Handicap” on Aug. 22.

D. Williams, IA

Just a brief email to say thank you for all you do on such a consistent and top level basis.

If you have the time you may be interested in the following recent YouTube video

which shows Paul Tudor Jones (12:20) talking about risk to reward and then Ray Dalio (42:14) on portfolio diversification in the four scenarios related to economic growth and inflation. I mention it only because I think that your service best exemplifies what those two traders/investors are talking about.

With very best regards


I have to say that your topic and approach is refreshingly honest and down to earth. I WHOLE-heartedly agree with you, Trading is NOT about being right or wrong! Trading IS about managing money and risk!


I really like your web site and your trading/investing methods. I have been doing well with the Rotational Trading method Keep up the good work!


Gene B.

Bill: I really like your website, and I have for many years.

There are other sites that offer tables with RS, but I have found yours to be better. I have always liked the (comparative) relative strength concept and have used it on the US sector level only. As you know, Colby, Kirkpatrick, O´Neil and others have used RS in their analysis.

I have tried to concentrate on finding sectors that are not showing best RS now, but are showing improvements in RS. In doing so, I have used the momentum or rate of change indicator on the sector divided by S&P 500 ratio/spread.

Also, you seem to have been in this business for a very long time and have probably read a lot of books on investing-technical analysis-relative strength and seen it all.

Regards, Halli.

Bill, – Just a quick note of appreciation. I enjoy your editorials and know when a graduate of University of hard Knocks is speaking. I appreciate a lot of work that goes into producing such a useful website – chockful of good information and ACTIONABLE information you provide. Thanks. Shantu


just a quick note: im totally thrilled with my membership and i truly enjoy the site!!

I’m constantly finding new gems!! with much appreciation,


We are back after our long summer trip, and I am finally beginning to take a poke at the markets once again. Getting into the site a bit and wanted to let you know how much I am appreciating it…’s a treasure-trove of useful info and tid-bits. I am a real trend-follower, and so feeling in sync with the theme here.

John V – California

Many thanks for the reminder Bill and completed renewal. This is a mandatory auto renewal as far as I am concerned. Tremendous real value in terms of tracking and analysing the market with powerful tools (amibroker editgrid etc) and of course the intelligent market insights!

Thanks for the note on my renewal. Your experience, wisdom and humility are a breath of fresh air when it comes to investing. I really appreciate the work you put into the site.

Vincent K

Of course I do not forget to check the system of trading masters. It helps me a lot. I do owe you for your instructions in money management. I am actually making some money now.

thanks again
Thanks kindly. Thanks for the insight.



Great directions for using your site effectively! You have done so much and shared so generously. If I ever can claim even a modicum of success in my investment activities, it will largely be because of your generousity in sharing your work and ideas. Please continue to include these organizational instructions in using the information you provide at your members site in your letters to us whenever you can. For whatever reasons you have for your altruism in sharing your efforts with us, I am not only gratefull but also hope that you, too, are also rewarded in your life by a power greater than both of us. My thanks to you and prayer for you continue.


Many thanks for your help and for a wonderful service!


Just wanted to thank you for your article this past week!! Well done!


Thanks for your help and thanks for all the work you have done to provide a GREAT trading site.

Best regards,


Love your work.


Your newsletter is essential reading for me and I eagerly await each edition. Keep up the great work in your invaluable site.



I am amazed by and most appreciative of the creative work and thought you put into this site.



Your commentaries, quotes, links and analyses are excellent. I am learning much from your experience and willingness to share it with others.



I want to tell you a little about how I happened upon your fine newsletter that presents a nice unbiased mix of commentary, insight, and analysis that you graciously provide to us investor “wannabe’s”! ………. Hint: I know you have been seated at the Roundtable of Knights! But I don’t recall your title, unfortunately. There was a link to your site in Don’s note, so I went there and have enjoyed your commentary ever since. Thanks again for everything!

Best regards,


Although I have a long market history my reclusive nature has wisely removed me from market chatter. Your site forces me to pause and think about it all. It is like sitting with a friend and discussing my market concerns. I have long respected his work and thoughts.

Barbara D

I have really found PrudentTrader to be a valuable source of information for learning about trading methods. Great writing and a great service for finding stocks to trade! Thanks, Keep up the great work!

Stephen T

I have been enjoying your site for quite a while,,,and appreciate the service you provide to us…comments are right on target…. from Bill B

Just wanted to say thank you for this site. It’s very appreciated. It has grown so much. It has always been one of my favorite sites and you have what I believe to be one of the better newsletters. Always a joy to read. Thanks again.


Just wanted to tell you that I think your sage comments and positive quotes are equally, perhaps more valuable than the excellent technical analysis you provide. I think you provide a great advisory service package. Have fun and keep up your good work.



What I find in your web site for successful and/or professional trading, I rarely see elsewhere the quality,experience, and words of wisdom so concisely and clearly put together.


Hi Bill. I always learn something from you, keep up the good work ! Ann

Just wanted to thank you for all the work you put into your site and newsletters – hope people study and reflect on it – yours is a “good work”


I have been reading your site for several years and I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your thoughtful methods and ideas about Market analysis. Thank you and have a Merry Christmas.

Steve C

Just Outstanding. Your data/ananlysis is the best on the web …

Cheers … Chris M

Great new Industry charts. WOW, love them. I can run through them real quick. Thanks for your hard work. It really saves me time.



This weeks Money management note is great. I also am enjoying the trade Anatomy of a trade.

Thanks again,


I greatly appreciate the time and hard work you are putting to share your investment/trading knowledge through the website It was a very good learning experience from your daily note…As support to The Prudent Trader, I mailed my $50 donation. Thank you,


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