11.03.16 – Next Few Months

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Next Few Months

As I have explained previously we are somewhat settled in Cape Canaveral for the next couple of months awaiting our new home being finished and moved into in December (hopefully).

I will be on and off extremely busy with the house, construction, furniture shopping (all new furniture for the new house), and so on.  Cape Canaveral is a great area from what I can see so far, we are one block from the beach which is really nice but it is also an hour and a half drive to our new home, a three hour drive to prodigal sons home and a couple hour drive to other friends in Florida.

My thought, at the moment (subject to change) is to put up a page with the above spreadsheet pictures or put up the spreadsheets on Google from which you can copy the data and sort to your hearts content and perhaps include some charts as well.

I haven’t put that together as yet but will soon and then I will at least temporarily eliminate these daily notes in favor of the weekly and monthly. Perhaps a special notes page as well.

Again I am very interested in your thoughts on this so please let me know  😉