11.02.16 – Stock Selection (Top 4)

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Stock Selection (Top 4)

In a brief discussion yesterday with one of our financial advisers, the subject of Robo Advisers came up. Seems like everything I read lately sings the praises of the Robo adviser and the apparent big investor move in that direction.

The long term natural contrarian in me and I think in him as well says, it’s time to concentrate on stock selection as opposed to fund and/or ETF selection.  Not that there is anything wrong with funds or ETFs but if “everyone” is using them the opportunity must be elsewhere; i.e. stock selection.

In that vain I began talking about this a few weeks ago and added a new spreadsheet the “Top 4 component issues“. The project is off to a slow start, probably because of the markets backing and filling lately and I am also sure we need to add things to improve this project.

The spreadsheet is divided into 3 tabs:


twoSuggestion a certainly welcomed as to what you would like to see added in order to help you make good decisions!

For now this will be a monthly update, perhaps more often later on.