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We absentee voted in Connecticut this year, not a swing state by any stretch of the imagination. However, we have spent the last month in two swing states; New Hampshire and Florida.  The shear number of political ads is absolutely mind boggling. To me they are filled with innuendo and probably falsehoods (not knowing the individuals involved).

Did he/she really say that, do they really believe that? How can the opposition state my or your positions in 30 seconds or less add? By innuendo. Everything is marketing. They are marketing the candidates as if they are bars of soap, knowing that the vast majority will not look beyond or behind those ads. Actually most ads are why not to vote for someone, not vote for me because, one is a negative ad, the other positive.

Keep in mind that most everything today is an attempt to market something to you. I’ll give you an old broker marketing scheme from many years ago that some used to build their businesses. Buy a mailing local mailing list of 10,000 names (not very expensive, at least at the time). Mail to the list with opposite predictions, for example to half; we think Netflix is going up next week, to the other half we think it’s going down.

Next week mail the 5,000 that you made a correct forecast. Again split the list, let’s say to 2,500 we think APPL will go up next week and 2,500 we think APPL will decline next week. 2,500 received a correct forecast so we split the list once again and to 1,250 we say we think XON is going up next week and 1,250 receive we think XON is going down.

One more time we split the 1250 that received a correct forecast and say to the first 625 we think GE is going up next week and 625 receive we think GE is going down next week. If you are one of the 625 that received a correct forecast on GE, then you have received four correct forecasts in a row. Want to talk to this broker?

He now has 625 people to call with a trade or investment idea. Will you participate after 4 in a row? You may think this person a guru by now, but he/she has done nothing but play a game.

He/she, if you open an account, may make you lots of money over time. Just be aware of the game he/she played to create that impression.  When you watch financial TV you will see this all the time. Guru comes on and is bearish. Next week when the market is higher the same guru comes on and tells all how he/she bought that low. Really?

Games people play!