6.24.16 – Quick Brexit Comment

Scheduling Note:

For the remainder of the summer I will be taking Friday off from writing these notes in order to put together the weekly methods update. The pictures for Asset Class Overview and Sector Watch will be put up and watch list additions will be added over the weekends.

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Quick Brexit Comment 

Personally I found the market reactions leading up to and following the Brexit vote somewhat surprising. First and foremost, while I certainly did not see all of the polls or even attempt to analyze the polls, the polls I did see seemed to suggest the vote was a toss up. For some reason though the markets wanted to believe the UK would remain in the EU and they were bid up substantially.

We have a shock to the system. If you are utilizing an investing / trading plan, continue to follow that plan.  You will see much written about what this all means over the weekend and next week.  Ignore all predictions and follow your plan.

Remember: No One Knows What Tomorrow Holds! No One!