Appearing in Each Watch List, Four In Cash

Yesterday I updated the two watch lists, the Kirkpatrick and the 50.  Newer members may wish to go over the Kirkpatrick Watch List methodologies HERE! The 50 from I.B.D. which is a list of 50 top-rated growth stocks in IBD’s database with top fundamentals showing strong relative price strength in the market.

The 50 is updated on Tuesdays and the Kirkpatrick mid-month. This is the first time in recent memory that they have both been updated at the same time. Four stocks that are currently in cash basis our use of the Chandelier are in both lists.

BITA – Bit Auto Holdings is part of Kirkpatrick’s Growth list and of course the 50 consists of growth stocks as well. Review the Kirkpatrick methodologies above for the Growth screen. The stock is part of the Internet sector (MG 850) and the Industry Group (852) Internet Information Providers.

CAR  Avis Budget Group Inc is part of the Kirkpatrick Bargain List, again read the link above for more clarification. CAR is part of the Diversified Services sector, industry group Rental & Leasing Services (762)

GILD Gilead Sciences Inc is part of the Kirkpatrick Growth Screen. Sector Drugs Industry Group MG516 (Biotechnology) and finally

YY  YY Inc. also a Kirkpatrick Growth Screen. As with Avis this is part of the Diversified Services sector and the industry Group 761 Business Services.

The Internet sector currently ranks 20th out of 31 sectors and has been holding steady there. Group 852 currently ranks 143 out of 209 and has been improving ever so slightly. Might be tad early here.


The parabolic SAR or the Chandelier might be a good way to enter if and when it decides to rally once again.

Diversified Services sector ranks 25 out of 31 and the  industry group Rental & Leasing Services (762) ranks 20th of 209 Industry groups and in much better shape than the overall sector. Business Services ranks 149 out of 209.



The drug sector currently ranks 10th out of the 31 sectors (top third) and the industry group biotechnology ranks 101 out of 209 and has been improving just a bit.

gildThey have all had a heck of a run and are certainly entitled of a rest, even a good sized correction.  The question becomes how and when to enter?

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