Remembrance and Rotation

I think we all remember exactly where were and what we were doing on that date, a day that will live in infamy (Thanks Franklin Roosevelt). I have been somewhat shocked by the Iranians declaring that the Holocaust  never happened. We must never forget. Take a moment today and remember: The horrific acts and where you were!

                 9/11/2001                                                             9/11/2014

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On Tuesday the 9th I posted a listing of the top and bottom 10 ETF’s so far in 2014. You can view that post HERE!  One of the characteristics missed by those that just follow the major averages, is the rotation that takes place.  Some great strategies are used by traders with patience, exploring and analyzing those on the bottom.

The rotation is perfectly evident in the chart above. Look at the bottom 10, down between .09% and 4.22% on a year to date basis. Now look at the next two columns returns in 2013 and 2012, even 2011.

Among the bottom 10, lowest return in 2013 – 37.3%, 2012 – 11%, 2011 –  -3% to 13.94%

Remember too this run was just U.S. Equity ETFs and did not include our other asset classes: Developed non-US, Emerging markets, real estate, commodities, and precious metals.

As an example let’s take a quick look at IWC – iShares Russel Micro cap ETF:

IWCThere are a few ways to look at this chart. First a long base since July of 2013, second a wedge. Which way will it break? That my friends is any ones guess at this point.

You could begin to accumulate and use the bottom of the base as your exit strategy or you could wait for a break out / Break down.

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