Morningstar Sector Health Services

As the month of January draws to a close and with all the talk about the direction of the major averages, how have the Morningstar Sectors performed year to date? For comparison purposes the Dow Industrials -6.9%, S&P500 -6.4%, NASDAQ Composite -4.6%, and the NASDAQ 100 -1.4%. By contrast 10 of Morningstar’s 31 Sectors are up on the year. A copy of last evenings Changes & Trends report sorted by change year-to-date is below.



The Health Services Sector is made up of 9 Industry Groups: Medical Instruments & Supplies, Medical Appliances & Equipment, Health Care Plans, Long-Term Care Facilities, Hospitals, Medical Laboratories & Research, Home Health Care, Medical Practitionersi, and Specialized Health Services.

Of those nine Industry Groups the strongest relatively is currently Home Health Care. The weakest Long-Term Care Facilities.  Rankings and composite data for these industry groups .

248 Health Services Stocks includes: Relative Strength percentile rank; Industry Group Rank, Short-Intermediate-and Long term trends, Accumulation/Distribution, percent of 52 week high, overbought/oversold readings.

Or break stocks further down, stocks within one industry group .