Using the Google Spreadsheets Wednesday



If anyone does not know how to copy the data to your computer and to sort, please let me know as I can then add to this article or write another.

Today I am going live with new data reports for Sectors, Industry Groups, ETFs, and Indexes. At this point in time, through the end of the month you needn’t request they be shared. However, at the beginning of July you will need to do so. Let’s go over the new reports now.

StartSectors seems like the obvious place to start. Clicking on Sectors we get to this page:

CaptureSectorIf you click on both of those spreadsheets you will see instructions on how to drill down.

Drill to IndustryThen on the Industry Group spreadsheet this link will appear:

Stocks withinClicking on the above link will bring up:

StocksBySectorI will save this on a separate page with a link on the pages. The ETF and Indexes sheets do not refer to any external links as above.

This particular format will allow much easier changes, additions to, and deletions of data. All I would have to do now is program the desired data or deleted data and republish. Before I would have had to do that AND changed four other programs as well.

Hope you enjoy and feel free to ask questions!