Very Surprising Results, Part II

The final two asset classes; Commodities and Precious metals have now been backtested and added to the spreadsheet. I’ve added a column on the right for Averages, calculated on only a couple of metrics for now. Let’s take a look:

The averages are figured on all six asset classes presented. Remember as much an asset class as bonds are, in my humble opinion bonds are used to generate income and not trade. Therefore when the bonds are in bear mode we do not add or initiate new positions, just hold what we have. When in bull mode we can add to or initiate new.

The average return is about double what we’ve seen on the Fidelity Rotational; imprssive. The maximum draw downs are within reaso for this type of return, again, in my humble opinion.

Remaining: I still have to put together the annual returns overall and figure in a bond component as well. Progress!

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enjoy your weekend!