ETF Range Projections 1/09

The all important employment situation report was just released: Nonfarm payrolls -524K vs. a consensus of: -500K, Unemployment rate 7.2% vs. a consensus of: 7.0%, Average workweek 33.3 hours vs. a consensus of: 33.5 hours, and finally Average hourly earnings +0.3% vs. a consensus of: +0.2%.

Overseas markets are showing caution this morning ahead of the employment situation: Nikkei 225 -0.45%, Hang Seng -0.27%, Shanghai Composite +1.42%, DAX -0.13%, and the FTSE 100 -0.58%.

Shortly after the jobs report the futures were: Dow +49 , S&P +7, Naz +2, Oil -$0.67, and Gold +$2.30.


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